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  • Battery Tray

    Battery Tray

    Heavy duty, chemically resistant poly grate with flat bottom. Holds 14 Gallons under grate.

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  • Grates


    New grates are available for when contamination occurs or for replacement. Call ENPAC customer service for details.

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  • Poly-Edge™


    The Poly-Edge can be used as a truck-mounted carrier spill response unit or wall-mounted unit in such applications as manufacturing facilities, laboratories and hospitals. The lockable, large capacity unit offers versatile storage for tools and absorbents as well as ENPAC’s StingerBerms and Prowler Pools.

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  • Poly-Labtray™


    Brings Spill Protection To The Laboratory Bench.

    Poly-Labtray reduces spills and overflows of liquid and free-flowing powder chemicals during transfer of material in the laboratory

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  • Placeholder

    Q-VAC 100™

    Q-VAC 100™

    • Easy-to-use and highly reliable, the Q-VAC 100 pumps liquid directly into a standard drum for convenient storage or recycling.
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  • Utility Tray

    Utility Tray

    Stores leaky, drippy products!

    Lightweight, tough, chemically resistant poly sump with flat bottom; ideal for small odds and ends, pails, cans, batteries, etc.

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