Container Corporation: Protecting Your Bottom Line

Our Moto: “Protecting Your Bottom Line”

Vision/Mission: Making our world a cleaner place … Containment Corporation exists to provide our customers spill prevention and control solutions!

Business Status: A California Corporation, incorporated in 1988. Privately held. Structured as a small business.

Location: 27280 Via Industria Temecula, CA 92590.

Company History: Containment Corporation was formed in 1988 to market the first polyethylene spill containment pallet for four drums. The Contain-It Plus Spill Pallet was designed and patented by a chemist, Dr. Don Atkins, through his work with oil companies. In our formative years Containment Corporation focused on its own product line which expanded to provide off the shelf spill containment solutions for pails, drums, IBC/Totes, batteries, etc. With the turn of the century Containment Corporation expanded its vision to encompass product solutions beyond its own manufacturing capabilities. By aligning with key manufacturing partners (presently six partners) around the country, the company has been able to expand on the solutions it can offer the customer to include fuel tank trucks and rail tank cars, and above ground tanks, tank farms, and machinery, generators, transformers, etc.

Another key management decision was to focus the company’s marketing attention in large part on the demand for spill containment solutions in the U.S. military. The company now holds both GSA and DLA contracts. Our products are employed by the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Army Reserve, National Guard and Air National Guard, the US Coast Guard, etc. Containment Corporation with its manufacturing partner, PolyStar Inc., introduced the Tri-Star containment system in 2001, a surface mounted, all steel, modular containment system. Working with the Army National Guard to design a truly “soldier proof” containment system that performs like concrete, but with the flexibility to move with the demands of a modern army. Today Tri-Star drive-in containment systems are a standard on most major bases across the country.

Compliance with Spill Containment and Spill Control Regulations is not an option anymore; it is a necessary requirement that cannot be overlooked. Government agencies and commercial companies are constantly looking for more effective, more functional, less costly solutions for their pollution prevention concerns. The future looks bright for Containment Corporation.