Tri-Star Wash Pad Containment Systems

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Tri-Star Wash Pads can be custom configured to meet any wash requirement.

Helicopter Wash Pad Literature


Because of the Tri-Star “Sumps” rugged construction, the large amounts of spillage they can contain, and the multiple configurations available, these systems make excellent surface mounted, relocatable wash pads. Typical wall heights very from 2”, to 3-5/8”, to 6” high. They can be equipped with raised grated floors, and steel decks, and special equipment hold-downs integral to the sumps floor or walls. External wall mounts can support any size “over-spray” screen, or the system can be fully enclosed with a canopy designed to keep over-spray inside the system and rainwater outside.


  • Rental Car Wash (ideal for leased facility)
  • Helicopter Wash Pads
  • Other Aircraft Wash Pads
  • Golf Cart Wash
  • Equipment and Truck Wash
  • Fully Enclosed 360⁰ Drive-Thru Wash Station

See additional images of Tri-Star Tanker Truck Containment in our photo gallery!


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