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IBC Berm

Bulk container containment has never been easier than with this portable containment model that folds up small for unobtrusive storage.


Tote containment doesn’t have to mean large rigid pallets. Break the mold with this flexible containment berm specifically designed to house an IBC. It has rugged, two-foot-tall steel L-brackets to form the sidewall and is made from chemically resistant PVC.

  • 3 standard sizes for different totes
  • Easy to setup and tear down
  • Folds flat for minimum storage and simple transport
  • Small footprint compared to alternatives
  • Sidewalls can be laid flat for forklift access

Flexible on Fabrics

  • Standard: 22 oz. PVC
  • Other materials available upon request, including: Geoloy, XR, PTFF, and 8123 ULT
  • Custom materials


Part Number Dimensions
LxWxH ft. (m)
lb. (kg)
Spill Capacity
gal. (L)
48-452-YE-SS 4x5x2 (1.2×1.5×0.6) 84 (38.1) 299 (1131.84)
48-462-YE-SS 4x6x2 (1.2×1.8×0.6) 100 (45.4) 359 (1358.96)
48-552-YE-SS 5x5x2 (1.5×1.5×0.6) 102 (46.3) 374 (1415.74)



Need a fire-resistant intermediate bulk containment option? Our steel IBC containment systems can meet your needs.


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