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Canopy Superstructure: The Tri-Star system features an “optional” surface-mounted, permanent-tensioned fabric canopy, which is an economical and portable alternative to costly, permanent steel and wood structures. Tri-Star Canopies are manufactured using the highest quality US-made materials. For example, the Structural Steel Tubing is constructed of USA-made 14 to 17 gauge (1.315″ to 3.5″ OD) triple-galvanized structural steel tubing. The high-quality steel tubing offers four layers of protection against rust and corrosion. The Fabric Canopy is constructed of a heavy-duty rip-stop polyethylene cover material that weighs 12.5 oz. and is 24-mil. thick. Stop-rip means the material has a cross weave that stops a rip from progressing any further. The cover is tensioned over the tubular frame and anchored to the heavy sidewalls of the Tri-Star. The fabric is stretched tightly over the framework so there is no fabric fatigue due to constant flapping in the wind. The cover is rated to winds in excess of 80 mph.

Anchors: The surface mounted canopy structures are engineered with an exclusive anchoring system that ties to the rugged steel sidewalls of the sump to ensure your building does not move. These structures can be erected on pavement, concrete, wood, gravel or any other ground surface capable of supporting the Tri-Star containment sump “without substrate penetration”.

Snow Loads: These structures are very sturdy and capable of withstanding winter months in high snowfall areas. Most snow easily slides off the cover’s smooth surface. In the event of buildup, the snow can be easily removed by tapping on the building’s ceiling from the inside. For additional safety, rafter spacing has been increased from an industry standard every 4′ to every 3′.

Surface mounted/relocatable:The temporary nature of fabric buildings usually excludes them from building registration and permit requirements. Our Canopies can be easily moved after they’ve been constructed.
Each building and canopy is manufactured in the USA and built-to-order, ensuring attention to detail and quality.

Options: Ask about our optional double-zippered roll-up doors with Velcro straps. We also offer solid end panels.


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