Tri-Star Containment Pad

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There are many low volume containment requirements that do not require a high walled/ramped system … for these requirements we offer the low profile “Tri-Star Containment Pads”. This pad is ideal for incidental spill containment at Fuel Stands and gas stations. It is also ideal for AGE Equipment, and a full range of support equipment with small wheels and less clearance.

Containment Pads come in standard wall heights of 2”, 3-5/8, but can be configured to the customer’s unique needs. Generally these systems are designed to support drive over traffic over all four walls, unless the customer requests otherwise. Like the full size Tri-Star systems above, the Tri-Star Containment Pad’s sump is constructed from standard ¼’ plate steel, and employs a tri-linear wall design. The completed sump is encapsulated in the Tri-Star’s standard heavy duty fiberglass (with glass mat) protective coating.

Tri-Star containment pads can be configured in many different lengths and widths. Currently our largest Pad is used as aircraft wash rack, and provides a 60’ square wash surface. The Air Force and Air National Guard typically order their Containment Pads, in long narrow configurations, ideal for tow tractors to drive through and drop off Age Equipment, Generators, and Transformers. A 2” high wall is elongated 20″ wide to accommodate delicate Navy and USCG helicopter wheels pushed through the containment surface for engine flushing.
The standard low profile wall is shaped like a triangular speed bump; with a 3-5/8” height, and a footprint of 7” wide. Any one of the four walls (or all four walls) can be designated as an “integral ramp wall” – the wall remains the same height as the standard speed bump wall, but the wall footprint is extended to 20”-24″ wide to smooth out entry and exit.
Tri-Star Containment Pads use a low profile steel Filter Berm which can be ordered for inside the system (in front of the drain), or outside the system with a brass Ball Valve between the drain port and the Filter Berm. The Filter Berms are designed to secure an “oilophilic / hydro-phobic” filter media so rainwater can be safely released from the system through the filter media to the outside. Two styles of passive drain blockers can be used with the low profile filter box.

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Dimensions 2 × 8 cm


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