55-Gallon Drum Containment Pallets

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Work sites that handle a large volume of 55-Gallon Drums containing Fuels or other Hazardous Materials need to have a proper Containment Plan involving containment pallets in place. Unfortunately, time has proven that the Primary Containment barrier provided by a Steel Drum is not enough to prevent spills and other incidents from occurring.  Thus the need for secondary drum containment pallets has continued to be mandated and increasingly enforced by the EPA in the work place.


Containment Corp provides a wide array of Drum Containment Products to meet and exceed EPA and other safety requirements. Whether your need is Dispensing Systems, Storage, Transport, Work Stations, or Spill Containment Pallets, our products provide the most effective and efficient Drum Containment solutions. Don’t allow a little accident in the work place to be a big burden on your bottom line. Be prepared by having the appropriate Secondary Drum Containment Solution in place. Please click on the appropriate Drum Containment link below for further information, or feel free to contact a sales representative to further discuss your Drum Containment Pallet requirements.

For more extensive Drum Transportation or Shipping solutions see our Overpack Drums section. For rapid response Drum Containment solutions see our Portable Soft Containment products.


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