Poly-Pail Funnel™

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oly-Pail Funnel™

Mounts to 3.5-, 5-, and 6-gallon tight-head pails. Also fits open-top pails with 12” diameter.

Part #: 3005-YE



  • Top External Diameter: 9.25 in./23 cm
  • Bottom External Diameter: 11 in/28 cm
  • Internal Height: 2.4 in/6 cm
  • External Height: 2.75 in/7 cm
  • Weight: 2 lbs/1 kg
  • Bottom Internal Diameter: 2.75 in/7 cm
  • Top Internal Diameter: 8.5 in./ 22 cm
  • Regulations: EPA, SPCC, NPDES

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Top External Diameter

9.25 in./23 cm

Bottom External Diameter

11 in/28 cm

Internal Height

2.4 in/6 cm

External Height

2.75 in/7 cm


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