2′ MPE Wall Strut

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The 2′ MPE Spill Containment System is commonly used for Drum Containment


2′ MPE Wall Struts are designed to work in conjunction with 2′ MPE Wall Corner Struts and 2′ MPE Locking Post to create a spill containment barrier around one or more primary containment vessels. A liner can then be deployed and is clamped onto the top molded ridge of the MPE Wall Struts using Liner Locks. The primary advantages of the 2′ MPE Wall is the ease of entry and exit for users. Unlike the 3′ MPE Wall Struts and the 4′ MPE Wall Struts, most users should have no problem stepping over the 2′ MPE Wall. While still providing a substantial barrier in comparison to our 1′ MPE Wall Strut.

The 2′ MPE Spill Containment System is commonly used for Drum Containment, Generator Containment Above-Ground Storage Tanks, Fuel Stands and Stations, small Fuel Bladders, Tank Farms, Liquid Terminals, Pipeline Pump Stations, Ponding Operations, Substations, and Mobile Fuel Stands for Refuelers.

MPE Wall Struts and MPE Corner Wall Struts are affixed to each other using our MPE Locking Post. Each Wall Strut has large molded knuckles that interlock with large molded knuckles from a adjoining wall strut. The Locking Post is then dropped through the interlocked large molded knuckles to connect the walls.

Installation: One to Two Installers lift the MPE Wall Struts and the MPE Corner Wall Struts to their desired location. Locking Posts are used to affix the walls together. A custom liner is rolled out and draped over the end-walls. Finally, Liner Locks are used to clamp the liner securely to the top of the MPE Wall Strut

The lightweight modular design of each strut makes it a breeze for one to two people to install the entire system without the use of any special lifting tools. The Wall Struts and Wall Corner Struts allow users to build systems out to any length and width based off of dimensional requirements of the primary containment vessel and spill capacity requirements. MPE Systems have been built to accommodate 1,000 gallons of spill capacity to 500,000 gallons of spill capacity. The DOD uses the system for containment of their 20k Fuel Bladder and 50k Fuel Bladder. Wall Struts are specifically designed to stack and nest for easy storage and transportation.

The MPE Spill Containment System is a completely surface-mounted spill containment system and is not secured to a substrate. Instead the weight of the primary containment vessel and the liquid contained within it on top of the liner and cable harness make-up the primary anchor for the system. The MPE Walls heavy polyethylene construction along with the Locking Post connecting the walls ensures the perimeter walls are stationary, while the MPE Liner Locks ensure the Liner is locked securely in place and cannot be affected by the wind, foot traffic, spills, or any other forces. In case a catastrophic spills should occur, a Steel Harness can be installed to lock the base of the MPE Walls into place and the inward angle of the MPE Wall Strut ensures any liquid flows back into the middle of the system and not over the wall.

The MPE does not require cabling for sites in which a catastrophic failure is not present, i.e: fuel bladder spill. The MPE has been used in massive ponding operations without any cables. More commonly sites, such as fracing operations, deal with equipment, tanks, and drums; spills generally won’t even reach the walls of the system. The tarp suffices for the ground containment while the walls serve as a final barrier. Spills pool on the liner to be easily cleaned up with Spill Response Sorbents. The only time we have found cabling necessary is for catastrophic spills that occur from bladders, especially for 20k Fuel Bladder Containment and 50k Fuel Bladder Containment.


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