9-Drum Non-Fire Rated Hazmat Storage Building

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9-Drum Non-Fire Rated Hazmat Storage Building


9-Drum Non-Fire Rated Hazmat Storage Building

The ideal long-term outdoor storage solution for up to 9 55-Gallon Fuel Drums, along with other EPA mandated hazardous materials. Heavy-duty 12-gauge steel construction with an epoxy/polyurethane coat provides long-lasting durability against accidents and the elements. Heavy-duty steel grating allows for sturdy traction and spills to easily flow-through into the containment sump. Spills are captured in the containment sump allowing the user to drain, or remove the storage building grates and clean using Spill Containment Sorbents. The base is constructed with steel I-Beam Construction allowing for maximum support throughout the base of the Hazmat Storage Buildings. Anchors are welded into all four legs to allow users to permanently anchor (seismic restraints) if needed. Finally fork lift channels are welded into the side for easy relocation.

• Contains 9 Drums

• Sump Capacities 183 gallons

• Floor Loading Capacity of 600 psf

• Exterior Dimensions 7’ x 7’ x 8’6”

• Door Dimensions 36” x 80”

• Steel I-Beam Construction

• Galvanized Steel Grating

• Grounding Kit included

• 2 Hour Fire Rated 9-Drum Hazmat Storage Building also available

The interior of the steel Hazmat Storage Building is coated with a chemically-resistant finish protecting the integrity of the steel over the years. 2 Vents are installed in the Hazmat Storage Buildings to allow for natural ventilation. Heavy-duty “L” door handle with a three point handle with pad lock capability. Finally, a self-draining pitched roof prevents any puddling.

Options Include:

• Explosion Proof Lighting

• Steel Shelving

• Mechanical Ventilation

• Sump Drain

• Removable Fiberglass or Galvanized Steel Grating

• Variety of Door Sizes and Configurations

• Heavy Duty Ramps

• 2 Hour Fire Rated Buildings

Additional information

Drum Capacity

9 Drums

Sump Capacity

183 g

External Dimensions

7' x 7' x 8'-6"

Internal Dimensions

6'-6" x 6'-6" x 8'


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