Grease Pad

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  • Weight: 700 lbs/317.5 kg
  • Length: 84.5 in/215 cm
  • Width: 72.5 in/1847 cm
  • Height: 6 in/15.25 cm
  • Platform Length: 60.5 in/153.7 cm
  • Platform Width: 42.5 in/108 cm
  • Platform Height: 8.25 in/21 cm



Tri-Star Grease Bin Containment Pads: Permanent secondary containment pads for Cooking Oils and Kitchen Grease. Heavy duty steel plate construction to resist abuse from drums and grease bins being moved on and off the system with heavy equipment. The design provides a raise platform for the drums or grease bins, surrounded on three sides by a lip to prevent the drums/bins from sliding off the platform during handling. The platform itself is surrounded on all four sides by a moat which can be lined with sand or sorbent material to collect oil and grease drippings during dumping. A expanded steel operator platform (removable) bridges the moat to allow the operator free access to the collection containers. The system comes complete with two drains (1-1/2” female threaded) in opposite corners. Each drain port has a “filter berm” positioned in front of the drain for sorbents. The system is completed with a brass ball valve.

Outside Dim. 84.5”W x 72.5”D x 6”H, Wt. 700 lbs.

Platform Dim. 60.5”W x 42.5”D x 8.25”H.

Custom Sizes available to suite your unique requirement.


  • Surface mounted
  • Re-locatable
  • Constructed of Heavy Plate Steel
  • Thick Resin Protective Coating
  • Retaining Wall around three sides of Bin platform
  • Sand/Sorbent Moat surrounds Bin platform to capture grease drippings, etc.
  • No Slip Expanded Steel platform (removable)
  • Includes two 1-½” Drain Ports
  • Brass Ball Valve for control release of rainwater.
  • Filtering Options Available

Replace inadequate, messy, short-term solutions with a permanent Steel Grease Bin Containment Pad!

Part Number: CST-GRSP



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