Tri-Star MAX Steel Buildings

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Tri-Star MAX Steel Buildings can be installed around the wall of our Tri-Star MAX Spill Containment Systems. Steel Anchors (CST-SB-ANKR) are used to clamp the building to the side wall of the Tri-Star MAX Spill Containment System creating a fully enclosed surface-mounted Spill Containment System. Tri-Star Steel Buildings are sold on a linear foot basis based off of our standard 13′ and 16′ Tri-Star MAX Spill Containment System widths. Installation is not included in the price. Optional items for Steel Building sold separately: Roll-Up Door (CST-SB-RUPD), Man Door (CST-SB-MDR), Skylight (CST-SB-SKYL), and Window (CST-SB-WIN).


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