Tri-Star MAX Spill Containment System – 7′ x 16′ x 9″ Panel

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Tri-Star MAX Spill Containment System – 7′ x 16′ x 9″ Panel

Our surface-mounted, modular, drive-in containment system has standardized widths for tankers of 13′ wide and 16′ wide and is assembled with 7′ length panels. Designed for fuel or chemical trucks with large containment requirements. The Tri-Star MAX’s modular design supports custom lengths, and allows this heavy-duty steel system to be shipped over the highways or even overseas in shipping containers!

Our 16′ wide system is ideal for Fuel Tanker Containment. Please visit our Tri-Star MAX page for Fuel Tankers to view our 42′ x 16′ x 9″ Tri-Star MAX System for Fuel Tankers. For other size tankers our minimum lengths for systems is 21′ or 3 panels and can be expanded as desired based on vehicle size and capacity requirements.

Constructed of heavy plate steel panels, and featuring the proven tri-linear wall design, thousands of Tri-Star MAX systems have been employed in military applications for more than ten years now without a single reported wall failure. Each panel is fully encapsulated in a heavy fiberglass (with glass mat) protective coating, many times thicker than any paint, to provide maximum protection over the long haul. The sump is comprised of horizontal panels with overlapping seams which are bolted together to compress a gasket/caulk sealant for a watertight surface. Various gasket/caulk materials can be used for compatibility with various fuel and chemical exposures. Each system is completed with drain ports in all four corners, and filter berms with ball valves for rainwater management. Systems include tie-downs to anchor the structure to the substrate and Line-of-Sight Poles to assist drivers entering and exiting the systems.

Tri-Star MAX’s modular construction allows the disassembled panels to be stacked for shipment over the highways or containerized for shipment overseas.
Ramps: The interior half of the ramp system is integral to the end panel. The outside half of the ramp system bolts onto the assembled structure.
Ramps come in three standard lengths:
“X” Ramps extend out for the ramp peak 3ft in both directions, 6ft total. These ramps are sufficient for most military tanker trucks.
“XX”extends out from the ramp peak 5ft in both directions, 10ft total. Large AF R-11 refuelers and most large commercial refuelers are comfortable with this ramp.
“XXX” Ramp extends out from the ramp peak 8ft in both directions, 16ft total. This ramp is occasionally used for very large refuelers, or situations where site conditions dictate a longer ramp.
Tri-Star MAX’s modular construction allows the disassembled panels to be stacked for shipment over the highways or containerized for shipment overseas.
All Tri-Star MAX Truck Containment Systems come with up to four large (1-1/2”) female threaded Drain Ports. Generally located in each corner. The open floor plan allows for rainwater to flow freely to the lowest corner. The Drain Ports can be secured with a Filter Berm on the inside of the drain, and a Ball Valve on the outside, to safely control rainwater releases from the system
Half inch thick steel tie-downs are used at every joint to secure the system to the substrate. Understanding that a 42’ long full size Tri-Star containment system with ramps at either end weighs approximately 13,000 lbs. and isn’t going anywhere
System is completed with Line-of-Sight poles; break-away design that gives the driver a visual point of reference entering and leaving the system.
Need additional capacity… Plumb systems together to share capacity. The five systems pictured to the left were plumbed together to create more than 14,000 gallons of surface containment!
Add a Tri-Star Canopy for protection from the elements. The canopies are surface mounted; no ground penetration. A heavy duty anchor is attached to the rugged tri-linear sidewall, and the canopy poles are secured to these anchors. Designed to withstand winds to 80 mph.
We now offer surface mounted (similar to canopy above) steel building! These can be ordered complete with roll-up doors and man-doors.

See additional images of Tri-Star Tanker Truck Containment in our photo gallery!

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Dimensions 7 × 16 × 9 cm


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