Tri-Star Max – 42′ x 13′ x 9″ Spill Containment System for HEMTT Refueler Tanker

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The Tri-Star OPS was designed to be a permanent steel spill containment system that can be relocated without any dismantling required. The original purpose of the Tri-Star OPS was to create a one-pieces system large enough to handle a HEMMT Refueler for the Army. Standard size of the system is 40' x 11'11″ x 8 5/8″H and designed specifically to contain the HEMMT Refueler. However the length and wall height of the system can be decreased as needed. The Tri-Star OPS is constructed of a 1/4″ Steel.



Part #CST-OPS: Tri-Star OPS Basic Unit – Tri-Star OPS Basic Unit comes with a 90 degree – 2” wide tubular steel walls and epoxy coating. The Tri-Star OPS is our basic unit and does not come with upgraded walls or coating. Below features some of our upgraded options for the Tri-Star OPS.
Part #CST-OPS-TL: Tri-Star OPS with Upgraded Tri-Linear Walls Tri-Star OPS can be ordered with proven tri-linear drive-over walls which come standard with the Tri-Star MAX Spill Containment Systems. Tri-Linear Walls combines the strength three 1/4″ Steel Walls in a triangulated design.  The Tri-Linear design has been tested and proven to handle the load of a Refueler when driven over. Also, the Tri-Linear Walls serve as a guide to feed the tires of a Refueler back to the center of the system if the driver should get his tires close to the edge of the system. In comparison a 90 degree wall only offer a single 1/4″ steel wall of protection and has no way of notifying or aiding the driver if he is getting close to the containment system walls.

Part #CST-OPS-FC: Tri-Star OPS with Upgraded Fiberglass Coating Tri-Star OPS can be ordered with 1/16″ Fiberglass coating instead of the basic epoxy coating. Fiberglass coatings come standard with the Tri-Star MAX Spill Containment Systems.. Glass matting is impregnated into the Fiberglass resin multiple times over to create a durable 1/16th fiberglass coat. Then the 1/16″ Fiberglass coating is rolled on to the top and bottom of the 1/4″ Steel Core to create one solid structure. The fiberglass coating ensures the steel core is protected from the elements and incidents throughout the use of the Spill Containment System.

Part #CST-OPS-TL-FC: Tri-Star OPS with Upgraded Tri-Linear Walls and Upgraded Fiberglass Coating Our top of the line Tri-Star OPS comes with both the upgraded Tri-Linear Walls and our upgraded Fiberglass Coating. See the Tri-Star OPS with Upgraded Tri-Linear Walls or the Tri-Star OPS with Upgraded Fiberglass Coatingfor specific details about either one of these upgraded features.

Other Tri-Star Spill Containment System options:

Tri-Star OPS Containment Systems one-piece sump design is lifted off the transport truck (up to five systems per truck) for delivery at customer’s site.  Once the sump is positioned and the outside half of the entry ramp is bolted on, the system is ready for  use.  If desired the system can be relocated just as easily by reversing the process. The four point lift is simplified by four heavy duty lifting lugs secured into the rugged sidewalls.
Ramps:  The interior half of the ramp system is integral to the end panel.  The outside half of the ramp system bolts onto the assembled structure.
Ramps:  Ramps come in two lengths:
“X” Ramps (standard) extend out for the ramp peak 3ft in both directions, 6ft total.  These ramps are sufficient for most military tanker trucks, i.e. 978 Hemtt refuelers.
“XX” Ramps (special order)extends out from the ramp peak 5ft in both directions, 10ft total.  Large AF R-11 refuelers are comfortable with this ramp.
All Tri-Star MAX truck containment systems come with up to four large (1-1/2”) female threaded Drain Ports.  Generally located one in each corner.  An open floor plan allows for rainwater to flow freely to the lowest corner, where that Drain Port can be secured with a Filter Berm on the inside of the drain, and a Ball Valve on the outside, to safely control rainwater releases from the system
Half inch thick steel tie-downs are used at every joint to secure the system to the substrate.  Understanding that a 42’ long full size Tri-Star containment system with ramps at either end weighs approximately 13,000 lbs. and isn’t going anywhere.
System is completed with Line-of-Sight poles; break-away design that gives the driver a visual point of reference entering and leaving the system.
Need additional capacity… Plumb systems together to share capacity.  The five systems pictured to the left were plumbed together to create more than 14,000 gallons of surface containment!
Add a Tri-Star Canopy for protection from the elements.  The canopies are surface mounted; no ground penetration.  A heavy duty anchor is attached to the rugged tri-linear sidewall, and the canopy poles are secured to these anchors.  Designed to withstand winds to 80 mph.
We now offer surface-mounted steel building!  Tri-Star Steel Buildings can be ordered complete with roll-up doors and man-doors.

See additional images of Tri-Star Tanker Truck Containment in our photo gallery!


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